đŸĒ™$DESTINY Tokenomics

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

Taxes: 3/3


Funding Rounds: 30%

Team & Advisors: 9%

Partnerships: 12%

Ecosystem: 20%

Marketing: 10%

CEX Listings: 11%

Liquidity Pool: 8%

Cliff & Vesting

Funding Rounds 3% @ TGE, 1-5m cliff, 6-18m vesting.

Team & Advisors 4m cliff, linear vesting 18 months.

Partnerships 3m, cliff, linear vesting 12 months.

Ecosystem 6m cliff, Linear vesting 36 months.

Marketing 0.65% @ TGE, 2m cliff, linear vesting 18 months .

CEX Listings 3m cliff, linear vesting 12m.

Liquidity Pool Locked for 12 months.

Token Utility

In-Game Currency Use $DESTINY tokens to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets.

Staking Allow users to stake $DESTINY tokens for rewards, governance participation, and access to premium features.

Liquidity Staking Allow other tokens on our L2 to stake for $DESTINY, creating cross-ecosystem incentives

Governance Token holders can vote on key project decisions, updates, and future developments.

Rewards Players on the Destiny Chain can earn $DESTINY tokens through gameplay, achievements, and participation in events.

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